Smart Lighting and Carbon Reduction

We help our customers to reduce their energy costs by providing turnkey Led smart lighting solutions. We supply the new internet controlled lighting system with 10 years of warranty or we rent and manage the turn key solution for 5 years with a yearly fee that is far less than the achieved savings; the overall saving is then fully retained by the customer within the remaining 5 years of warranty .

Professional Lighting
Energy savings above 65% combined by a 90% reduction in maintenance costs without requiring changes to the existing wiring. Quantum energy efficiency solution for lighting systems stands out for its use of innovative technologies and custom…

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Green Building
LEED is a certification program that can be applied to any type of buildings (both commercial and residential) and concerns its entire life cycle, from design to construction…

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Energy Audit
Energy Auditing, Green House Gases and Carbon Footprint strategic issues and in many countries Mandatori elements to be reported in the financial statements of listed companies…

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