Quantum partners with leading companies in the LED market to deliver state of the art products and services with stunning warranty and innovation allowing us to tackle with projects of any size and complexity.

CREE is a market leader in the production of LED lighting solutions based on LED silicon designed and produced by the same manufacturer. Quantum Internet connected energy saving platform is a certified solution with CREE luminaries sporting a stunning 10 years warranty. Quantum is a CREE preferred partner in Italy.

Regent Lighting is a leading company with innovation at the heart of their lighting Led products. Headquartered in Basel (Switzerland) with a workforce of over 600 people has offices in 7 countries and through the network of preferred partners serves more than 30 different countries. Innovation meets innovation when Regent and Quantum deliver together Internet connected lighting for indoor applications. Quantum is Regent preferred partner in Italy

Consistent experimentation into new materials and new technologies, the global vision of lighting technology concepts and formalisation of design related to the unmistakable principles of Italian design represent the most intimate and deepest dimension of the GEWISS lighting solutions. Gewiss and Quantum delivers made in Italy intelligent Internet connected Led lighting systems standing out from competition for stunning design, excellent quality and remarkable innovation.