Energy savings above 65% combined by a 90% reduction in maintenance costs without requiring changes to the existing wiring. Quantum energy efficiency solution for lighting systems stands out for its use of innovative technologies and custom application software integrating advanced telecommunication systems.

Re-Lamp consists in the rationalization of consumption and maintenance costs of a lighting system by substituting legacy luminaries with new digital LED lighting remotely managed by the Quantum’s QLIght™ solution. Quantum provides a turn-key approach managing directly all the re-lamp phases: from the preliminary energy audit, where the efficiency targets are set, to the supply of luminaries including commissioning and supervision of the system where the set targets are compared with actual measurements of energy consumption and benchmarked over the level of efficiency reached by the automated maintenance procedures providing further optimization opportunities.


Partner to Quantum, CREE’s catalogue covers a wide range of outdoor and indoor application with specific designed luminaries. The product range covers street lighting, urban decor, historical buildings and monuments, tunnels and motorways solutions as well as applications for the industry, warehouses, parking lots, petrol stations and indoor office space. All products bears a stunning 10 years warranty.

Corpi Illuminanti


Quantum’s custom control gears comes integrated in the light elements and in the wiring, supplying with intelligence and communication capabilities the luminaries and the electrical grid. Led Engine (LE), Control Box (CB) and Light Manager (LM) are the building blocks of the QLIght™ Energy Efficiency solution. The Quantum LE engine controls and manage the LEDs dimming and provide accurate measurements of power consumption. The CB, installed at electrical cabinet level, provide control and management of up to 250 led light sources. The LM, running the application software installed at building level, can network together up to 10 CB resulting in a potential networked micro grid of 2.500 Led lamps.

Smart Led Engine


The Light Manager is the brain of the overall solution where all the software applications for the Energy Efficiency, the configuration and management of the system and the automated maintenance procedures reside. Each gateway is autonomous and controls up to 10 CB, is IP networkable, easily accessible via Internet thanks to the embedded web-server and delivers via GSM the possible system alarms thanks to the integrated HSUPA modem which data channel is also used for remote configuration and maintenance.

Light Manager

Audit Impianto


The cornerstone of every successful lighting project begins here and Quantum possesses the in-house expertise to assess customer’s energy costs and suggesting a tailored solution optimizing the quality of their lighting while introducing significant energy savings. The process is performed by our pre-sale field engineers supported by specific tools and technical instruments.

Pianificazione Risparmio Energetico


In-house expertise is of the essence: our chartered Light Application Architects work on a custom design of the Light flood distribution by carefully choosing among the various optics available, the number of LEDs used in each luminary and the most appropriate light color temperature. Integrated with the management system QLight ™, Quantum succeeds in combining two aspects usually conflicting: the reduction of consumption and the maintenance of an optimal service level consistent with European standards and regulations.

Light Manager


We know how far we can push the limit of the savings without disrupting the quality of service because we own the IPRs of the QLIght™ solution: the engine behind the accelerated returns of the investments. This is a unique and distinctive value proposition in the market enabling us to design the best Energy Efficiency solution tailored on our customer needs and to guarantee that efficiency targets are met or better exceeded which is of the essence in case of commercial arrangements involving Energy Performance Contracts.

Progetto Illuminotecnico


Our Team of Application engineers, lead by a qualified Energy Manager, take care of the design phase based on the specifications and the efficiency targets received by aggregating the various elements of the solution developing the customised software application that will master the lighting system and achieve the planned savings.

Sviluppo Applicazioni Software


The executive lay-out of the luminaries combined by the lighting design are then integrated into the QLight ™ Energy Efficiency solution with the development of the software application which will master the entire system. The efficiency targets set in the planning phase find application into dimming and lighting modulation programs based on pre-defined scenarios or on real time reactions based on sensors.

Installazione Corpi Illuminanti


Our Field-Engineers supervise the work of the team of electricians and take care of the Energy Efficiency solution system set-up, testing and commissioning. To the aforesaid follows an accurate measurement campaign of actual consumption which data will be compared with the targets set in the energy saving planning phase for bench-marking and further system’s fine tuning.

QLight™ is the solution that allows us to tackle the issues of Energy Efficiency in heterogeneous areas with flexibility and creativity by reducing consumption, optimizing maintenance costs and improving the quality of light with the development of dedicated software applications. Quantum offers both standard and pre-configured applications (Parking, Roadway, Tunnel, Urban, Industry, Petrol) with simple customizable icon menu to manage the most common customers’ needs and the development of specific custom applications. We create solutions to avoid wasting of light, but using it in a responsible manner only where needed, when needed, and with the appropriate intensity: to save energy, achieve lower maintenance costs, increase the value of the infrastructure and reduce CO2 emissions in the environment.


Quantum offers two commercial options at the customer’s choice giving the opportunity to undertake sustainable investments transforming their sites into cost-efficient and environmentally responsible business:


Purchase of the turn-key solution: in this case the actual and future benefits of the achievable energy savings are retained within the customer organisation and directly managed.


Subscription of an EPC (Energy Performance Contract) contract: in this case the customer enter into a longterm all-inclusive Energy Performance Contract (6 + years) where a monthly fee comprehensive of investment pay-back, system maintenance and support services is agreed.

(*) EPC contracts are subject to Quantum’s sole decision and assessment of customer’s financial reliability